Abstracts are invited from authors for original work (not considered for publication elsewhere).
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The submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the international advisory board.


Oral Presentation
The authors are requested to limit their presentation to 10 minutes (8 minutes to expound and 2
Min for discussion..

Poster Presentation:

There will be poster session on both days of conference. Authors presenting posters are requested to be available for interaction during poster display. The Poster should be readable from 5 feet distance, with clear figures and tables. Poster size should be about 1meter x 1 meter.


Thrust Areas

Aspects of climate change, Environment related climate change,Temperature affected microbial diversity,Microbial interactions,Pollution ,environment,Climate and microbes,Micribial ,animal plant ,animal diversity.Bioresource management,control, limitations. Use of microbes in management,Climate related microbial hot spots ,climate and microbial evolution,climate and bioresources, Agriculture biotechnology, Forest and microbial biotechnology, Aquatic biotechnology, Food biotechnology,  Environmental biotechnology, Industrial biotechnology, Medical biotechnology, Nano-biotechnology, Bioremediation, Bioleaching, Biosensor, Biodiversity, Plant pathology, Microbial Physiology, Microbial production of bioactive compounds,  Space biotechnology, Bioenergy or any other relevant topic.